The YO! Advantages

YO! Is driven by its mission to empower a million people to bring thier best in thier careers and contributing enormously to the communities they live in through thier work.

To make this possible we are committed to reinventing the way we choose our careers! Here are a few of the ways we help young people find more fulfilling careers:

There are many elements to design a truly satisfying career. Our methodology uncovers and takes into account:
  • Your innate talents - identify and develop on them
  • Map your Personality type and Interests
  • Get your sense of meaning and/or purpose
  • Identify your values, goals and career motivators
We are not career counselors, we are your career coaches.

We don’t prescribe or recomend a career for you. We work with you in your journey of crafting your career, with your very own WOW – your innate talents. We help you get the clarity and direction that can take you forward. We help you leap and take the first flight in the direction of your calling. We help you solve your career puzzle.

We help you discover your WOW.

What you naturally do well is what you naturally enjoy doing: your innate abilities are the most important building blocks of a successful and satisfying career.

We are very personal.

It’s not just an interview. It’s not a computer analysis. It’s not a hurried process. It doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all formula. At YO! your coach is your partner as you work together through an iterative process of exploration and discovery. In some of our programs, the coaching continues until you are passionately convinced and confident in your own career decision.

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